Where Da Hood At!

I love my neighborhood for the following reasons:

1. If I were afraid to leave my neighborhood for any reason, I would be just fine (at least physically fine, mentally I would be crazy if I were afraid to leave my neighborhood). There are banks, doctors, a dentist, grocery stores, shopping, 2 Starbucks and restaurants all within blocks.

2. If I suddenly lost the ability to use my arms and could not drive, that's ok! All of the above-mentioned amenities are conveniently located within walking distance.

3. I have way cool neighbors and annual block parties.

4. Today is the opening day of our local farmer's market!

The picture above is not of my house, but rather of my dream house. It was on the market last year for over $1 million. Just a smidge over my budget.


Big Hair Envy said...

There IS a lot to be said for a neighborhood like that, but I am too much of a country girl! Give me those wide open spaces, and I'll cook your dinner:)

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

You live in SUCH a great neighborhood! It begs for a house with a porch swing.

Hope you're doing well! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We need to grab Predo and get together again soon : )