I Need a Vacation

Usually I get a vacation itch when I am having a bad day at work or feeling overwhelmed. Lately I have just been itching to take time off. I have taken a few days off here and there to go camping & stuff, but nothing close to a real vacation. One that includes a plane ticket, a hotel reservation and actual packing for a different climate. Our last vacation was in July of 2007 when we went to Kauai for our 7th anniversary. 2 years ago! 2 years ago the following items were news/current:

1. Instead of swine flu we were all talking about foot & mouth disease.
2. The writer's strike was ruining our TV viewing schedules.
3. Mascara queen Tammy Faye Messner died.
4. The "it" accessory to have at the bar was the DUI ankle bracelet. Lindsay wore it so well while passed out in her car.

It's time, I gotta plan something, it's been too long. Any suggestions on where to go?


T said...

I'm with you! I have about 2 more months before we hit the road for our vacation (to TN). Is it to early for a count down?

French Market Ink said...

Okay, DUDE. I literally talked about Tammy Faye Baker TODAY. I was all "what's that lady's name that ... (insert SSG's open hand at her eye like big eyelashes)" and work BFF was yelled "TAMMY FAYE!"

Anyhoo! I am with you on a vacay. If you want to stay local-ish Yosemite is always good! Or Vancouver. Or if you'd like to take me with you I'd be happy to show you around Bali!

Big Hair Envy said...

Two years ago, we decided that we would like to take a vacation and STAY HOME for a week! We put in an in-ground pool, and called it vacation! It saves us a lot of money in boarding fees for our pets!!! Sorry. I'm no help!

You have met Predo & SSG? **jealous**

ab said...

BHE - I have considered a "staycation" to work on around the house projects. I'm all about the home improvement and I have been needing some new countertops!