Guilty Pleasures

Internet, I have a confession to make. I am addicted to several TV shows that are completely embarassing and sometimes inappropriate for a girl my age.

The Hills - Yes, The Hills. Embarassingly enough, I watched and was addicted to Laguna Beach when it first came on. Luckily, there were plenty of "get a hold of yourself" moments when I would say things like, "Did I talk that way when I was 16? I can't understand what she's saying, all her words run together." Pass the Sanka, please. I am old. The Hills is slightly more "realistic" in that these people have jobs. Watching Heidi & Spencer and their obvious fakeness is like watching a celebrity in a bad outfit on Oscar night. You just can't look away.

The City - The Hills spinoff with Whitney Port (how sad is it that I know her last name!). I always liked Whitney, she always seemed like the most with it chick of them all. The City is slightly more boring than The Hills, but whatev.

America's Next Top Model - This has morphed from watching skinny tall chicks try to be glamorous to watching Tyra lose her damn mind. Can't we have a makeover show without her dressing up as a fairy princess or faking an accent? I have to thank Mr. Joel McHale from The Soup for feeding my Tyra fascination. I often enjoy a Sunday ANTM marathon. I do love me some Ms. J though!

Flavor of Love - Most embarrisingly of all, I have watched an entire season of this "show". Flavor Flav has got to be one of the most unattractive people on this planet, and the women on that show must be the skankiest skanks on earth. And the combination of the two is just magical.

OMG, my hubbie just asked me what I was writing about, and I told him, and he said the following: "I may have snuk in an episode or two of G's to Gents when you weren't looking." And now I remember why I married him.


Predo said...

Flavor of love? Flavor of love? Seriously?

Okay, the first step is admitting there is a problem. We can get you help, don't worry. Just relax, breathe deep, we will get you out. Do not drink any cool-aid!

Then again, I still watch the Golden Girls. What the hell do I have to say?

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Ohmahgah, Work BFF reminds me DAILY that that guy from The Soup is coming to Portland.

And QUIET GUY--Mr. Soccer player, MBA student, am too cool to talk to you (or am I?) WATCHES THE HILLS. I swear the guy is an enigma.

Please grab Predo and come work with us immediately.

T said...

LOL - we all have our "little secrets"!

One of my favorite show to this day is Beverly Hills 90210 (the original, not the revamped). I could sit and watch it all day long!

ab said...

Oh I totally love the original 90210 episodes. Part of the beauty of working from home is lunch with the 90210 gang! That didn't make my list because it is not a guilty pleasure, there are no hard feelings about it at all. I fully admit it.

Predo & SSG: Let's start our own company! We can combine our talents to make wads of money, Kojo our co-workers, sexually harass each other (I miss you Predo!) and take off early for cocktails. Sweet!