Work Brain

After a 14 hour work day my brain does the following:

Work. Almost done. Basketball on TV. Wait did I already make this update? Yes, one more left and I'm done. Oooh nice dunk shot. Wait, did I already make this update? Oh yeah, duh, I just have the one left. Thirsty. Full glass of water on the table. Making the last update, then can shut down the laptop. Did the basketball announcer just say "Come from behind"? Hehe. Come from behind. Thirsty. Glass still full and within reach, yet I don't drink. Last update done. Shutting down. Thirsty.

Shoot me.


Predo said...

Word Up My Homey! I feel ya!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Is it wrong that I feel that way after an 8 hour work day?