Why I Love 80s/90s Rap

It's gems like these that get me through the day:

"I'm gettin' faded like a flat top."
"She got a gold tooth, you know she's hard core."
"Now that I'm sober you ain't that fine."
“It’s cool to look bummy and be a dum-dummy and disrespect your mummy.”
“I want a girl with extension in her hair. Bamboo earrings…at least two pair. That’s all I need to get me in a good mood.”
“I be working out everyday…thinking of you.”
“I see you at the bus stop waiting everyday. Your man must think it is safe for you to travel that way.”
"So I slipped off my khakis and my gold leaf. Used Oil of Olay, cuz my skin gets pale."


Predo said...

Well, flash back over, and yes, I did dance like a fairy princess to all those! My bad ass street cred was flavored all chartreuse!

I also bleached the very front of my hair, right in the middle of the bangs......(before Vanilla Ice did it I might add!)

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Ohmahgah, did Predo ever tell you about the time I ACCIDENTALLY went to a Public Enemy concert?!

I'm so glad you're writing, Mr. Hot Stuff and I were talking about you this weekend. He said you gots razor sharp witty word skillz yo. I believe it!