Dream Jobs

On days like these (which happen to be a combination of a Monday after a long weekend and just sucky times in general) I often daydream of an alternate universe in which I have a job that pays me enough to live comfortably and does not cause me uncontrollable fits of anger on a regular basis. Wow, that was a long sentence! Anyway, following are the items that I would like to do and be paid for doing:

1. Going in to people's homes and organizing their closets/offices. Yes, this would fall under the category of a professional organizer. But the difference here would be that I have no desire to actually teach people to be organized or to even talk to them, I just want to go in, do my thing, and leave. And really, if they are not taught how to be organized, then I can pretty much guarantee myself some return business.

2. Advertising reviewer. Picture Siskel & Ebert reviewing commercials. I have a degree in advertising, so I am sort of qualified.

3. Website reviewer. I've seen so many sites with sucky navigation, broken links and typos. I would love somebody to hire me to be a "secret shopper" of sorts to randomly review company websites and provide feedback. I'd be doing them a favor!

4. Vacation preparation planner. I'm one of those rare breeds that loves to plan my vacations. I love all aspects of it...making reservations, planning activities, making sure the dog sitter is scheduled, plants watered, fish fed, house cleaned, vacation type clothing purchased. I can do it all while you slave away at work mentally preparing for your time off!!!

5. TV watcher. really, who doesn't want to be paid to watch TV??!!!

Anybody hiring?

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Predo said...

Hey, my jock strap drawer needs some serious organizing! I mean, I can't really pay you in cash, but I can bring you cocktail after cocktail while you color code! Oh, and there is a TV in there! We could put on C.H.I.P.S. or Magnum P.I. for you!

(just don't go looking under the bed....no secret toys or anything, but the dust bunnies have been known to get a little violent when disturbed!)