Back. And Still Indecisive.

Returning after a long hiatus is never easy, no matter what what you've begrudgingly left behind. That being said, there is nothing more annoying to me than reading about how bad somebody feels for not blogging, and why they haven't blogged in X number of days, and how they're totally committed to blogging from this point on. So I will not do any of that, because there is nothing more than annoying yourself, much less your entourage of 0.5 readers.

Instead, I will start fresh, and share my indecisiveness list for 2008. These are the things that I can't make a decision on to save my friggin life:

1. Having kids. I have an imaginary book the size of Oklahoma listing the reasons why one should not have a child. One would think that would be enough to sway me away from becoming a breeder, yet not so much. Damn ovaries.

2. Going back to school.

3. Starting my own business. The comfort of a regular paycheck with all the perks is far too attractive. Yet since I was little I have seen myself owning a store or bakery.

4. Getting in shape. Actually this should go on a future list called "Non-committal".

5. Writing a book. Oh wait, put that on the non-committal list.

OK, done for now. Peace out.

1 comment:

Predo said...

I think you can have your cake and eat it too! For example, Kids. You don't actually have to have kids to enjoy practicing for the event (well, practicing to conceive anyway)!!!
As far as getting in shape, writting a book, starting a business......Don't make it a requirement and start out slow. Like start small, maybe just make birthday cakes or something on the week-ends. You can write about the recipies you use or how you put your own touch to it.

Live you dreams, even if the risk makes you take baby steps (no pun intended)!!!! Life is to short to live for "The Man"!

I personally want to bring American Bandstand back. It is going to take a long time, but I keep rehearsing "The Running Man" and "The Moon-walk" just in case! If I say so myself, I am pretty good, well if "I" say so!