Subconsciously Unfaithful

I've been having these dreams. Very detailed, very specific dreams. About a guy. A guy who is a friend, whom I've known for many, many years. Ever since I saw him over Christmas. A guy who is not my husband. The guy who introduced me to my husband. Am I a subconsciously unfaithful slut?


Josh said...

I dont think even if the dreams involved marriage or blowjobs are you a slut..for having dreams.
You cant control dreams.
My ex found me on myspace and we sent each other an email. Am I unfaithful? No. Just caught up to see what each other was doing basically.
I may have ended up dreaming about her..but I would never cheat on my wife.
If you went and met this guy..that may not be wise, but still not..slutty.
Maybe you just need a better vibe ;)


You'll be fine :)

ab said...

Oh Josh, you're so elloquent.

lynne said...

Nah, you're totally fine and normal. Everyone has crushes-it's not cheating.