I Put the Wrong Cover Sheet on my TPS Report

Work has been fun lately. And by fun I mean loud and distracting. We’ve got construction going on. Offices being moved, chainsaws screeching every which way and people being temporarily moved into tiny boxes they are told are cubicles. There’s even a giant hole in the wall.

I’m lucky that my office will stay until construction is done. Once it's all finished I get to move to the other side of the building to an office with an actual window. Imagine that. Daylight! In the meantime, I need to make sure that these deafening noises don’t distract me as much as they have been. I just made an unfortunate grammar error in an email and called it a “jew website” as opposed to a “new website”. I didn’t notice my error until I hit “send”. Oh well. Somebody out there will hopefully have a good laugh. It only went out to 12 people.


Anonymous said...

That sucks

lynne said...

That made me laugh so hard!!!