My Kid

Got some bad news today. My dog Willie needs surgery. He has a kidney stone that has to be removed. I worry because the vet told me that this type of procedure, where they go in through the abdomen, can leave him in the hospital for 2 days. I know he’ll be fine, it’s just that he’s never had anything wrong with him. Ever. Our other dog, Sophie, has gone through surgery to remove some tumors. That was horrible. She actually cried in pain for 3 days. But Willie is a tough little guy, you would never know that anything was wrong with him. Poor little man.


Josh said...

what kind of dog is that? schnauzer? terrier?

ab said...

As my friend put it, he's a MamaGotAround.

As far as I know he's a terrier mix. 57 varieties, I'm not sure. He's a pound mutt.

lynne said...

Awwww...I hope he's okay. He's such a cutie!! He reminds me of a doggie I had as a kid-her name was Misty.