The Dawg

First of all, Sophie is fine. She either has a tumor or an insect bite on her neck. The vet ruled out a cyst. We’ve got her on antibiotics to reduce the swelling and take care of any bacteria that may have resulted from the possible insect bite. She is looking better already. If, after 2 weeks of antibiotics, she doesn’t improve, they have to do a biopsy on it. But, just as a precaution, we did some blood work to make sure everything was ok.

She has a tiny liver abnormality, but the vet says that it’s more as a result of her age and some prescription drugs she has been on for a few years. But, there is no abnormality so great that cancer would even need to be a factor. So that’s a good thing. So now we need to watch her for the two weeks and do blood work every 3 months to monitor her liver.

As I was IM-ing with a friend, telling her all about this, she helped me realize that Sophie has never had the typical dog problems.

Thorn in paw? Noooo.
Ear infection? Not so much.

Random bacteria that ate away at the fur on her nose? Ding ding ding ding!!!

I wonder. Would a kid be easier at this point?

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BigDubb said...

So glad to hear she's OK.

That sinking gut feeling is one other reason why I am so not ready for parenthood.