Total Bitch

It seems as though I’m not the only one experiencing the rudeness of random women in public places.

I was at the gym yesterday and had just finished some major cardio beginning on the stair master and ending with a mile run around the indoor track. I was sweating profusely. I headed back to the locker room. The locker rooms at the gym are locked. You have a key card that you slide into a slot, wait for it to click, and then push the door open. These key cards are not the greatest things in the world, they only work about ½ the time.

So I put the card in the slot the first time, but I heard 2 clicks. One to unlock, followed by another one that immediately locked the door. Now there were 2 people behind me wanting to get into the locker room. I put my card in again, and again I hear 2 clicks instead of just one. The door is locked.

Suddenly I hear from across the lobby “WAIT FOR IT TO CLICK”.

REALLY? No shit, I thought I’d just sit here and wish it to open.

So I try another time, and again “WAIT FOR IT TO CLICK”.

I see this tall and extremely thin woman who obviously has no concept of hair conditioner. She doesn’t even work there. She was already dressed in her coat and was returning her lock, getting ready to leave. But she made it a point to trot up to me, grab the key card out of my hand and try it herself.

I said, “Excuse you, don’t be grabbing me like that.”

She rolls her eyes and says, “I wish people would learn how to use these things. They’re really very simple.”

She puts the card in, looks directly in my eyes and says “NOW WAIT FOR IT TO CLICK”, like I’m in pre-school.

But, it clicks twice, like it had for me.

So I stare at her and say, “You know, I wish people would learn how to use these things, apparently they’re quite simple to use.”

She tries it again and says, “It must be broken.”

To which I reply, “Ya think?”

Then the woman behind me in line gave me her key card, which worked. The dry-haired woman is just glaring at me.

As I walked into the locker room I said, “See, you’re not so special after all. Next time, mind your own fucking business.”

That felt way better than the hour of cardio I had just done.


BigDubb said...

You go girl. That is awesome.

Stacy said...

You know you are my hero for telling her off...I would have said all that and my head as I giggled and told her how sorry I was...

Orchid Lover said...

That's awesome girl! Way to go! I couldn't have done it quite as good as that

Cityslicker Mom said...

what was her problem?? For real, like she needed to snatch the key out of your hand and prove that she was so smart? she made herself look like an idiot in the process. Good for you for clowning her.