Feeling Very Worried

Yesterday Ben told me that he thinks there’s something wrong with Sophie, our big dog. Her energy has been a little low lately, and she has not been inhaling her food like she usually does. She’s still eating, but in small spurts. Same with the water. When she yawns she doesn’t do her usual giant yawn with the tongue hanging out. It’s a half yawn which seems to be suddenly stopped by some sort of pain. She’s also snoring a lot more these last 2 days. We’ve had her for almost 9 years, we notice little changes like that.

I went to give her some love and noticed a lump between her neck and her chin. She has all of this loose skin around her neck because she’s so damn buff. She has a huge barrel chest. Some of that extra skin is now hanging kind of low under her throat and there’s some sort of ball in there. It’s weird. It definitely wasn’t there on Sunday.

Ben immediately likes to ready himself for the worst, so he says the “C” word. I don’t like to deal with things until I have to so I refused to talk about it. But I really don’t know what the deal is. Can cancer appear that quickly? I mean this change literally took place within 48 hours.

I’m taking her to the vet in 45 minutes. My friend tells me that her friend’s puppy had the same thing, that it was a cyst. I really hope that’s all it is. She’s too old to be going through surgery or, god forbid, cancer. I'll be hoping for the best.


BigDubb said...

im sure its a cyst. your all in our thoughts. We're pulling for you. Please keep us posted

lynne said...

Oh! I hope your puppy is okay!
I agree with Bigdubb-it's probebly just a cyst or something like that.
I'm pulling for you too.

Stacy said...

That is so scary...Have they thought about it being lymes disease? Sometimes it takes forever for tics to be noticed...

I hope everything turns out o.k.
so scary,it brings me back to when we started noticing little changes in my cat...she was my first baby