She Got The Machine

I came home form work yesterday and noticed a message on our machine. It went like this:

“Hi, sorry I got the wrong number. I was trying to reach the youth group. Again, sorry. This is a wrong number.”

Who does this…and why? What’s the point? I mean, I’m not going to look at my caller ID and say “Hmmm…I don’t know that number. I MUST call it at this very moment.”


katie said...

She was trying to reach the youth group. She probably thought God would get her if she just *gasp* hung up.

katie said...

Oh, I'm loving the flowers! Makes me wish it was spring!

lynne said...

Maybe she was hoping you knew the number to the youth group...or maybe she thinks you're a liar and your number really IS the youth group and you're just trying to spite her. That's what I would think.

ps-I love the new background!! I'm so jealous of all these new blog makeovers!

Josh said...

my cell phone has 2 numbers that are reversed from OHSU pharmacy. prefix is 481..and OHSU is 418. The rest of the digits are the same. I get about 5 wrong numbers a day. Some are annoying..especially when they keep calling back. I am debating about switching my number.