Help a Sista Out

So we're going to have a New Year's party, but we need a theme. Something unique and fun. I'm not thinking about doing costumes or anything, but I think that a theme could translate into activities, decorations & stuff. I'm not into anything like decades, that's been done. Anybody have ideas?


Derek said...

I like having wine parties. Make some tasty bite size eats with cheese and I make a couple pitchers of Red and White Sangria. It's always a hit.

katie said...

Have you ever been to one of those dinner parties where you act out a mystery and everyone at the party is given a role? I'm not sure of the size of your party, but they are a ton of fun. I think you can buy the "kits" at most major bookstores. Just a thought!

Christine said...

Gosh, you are such a good hostess. Thinking of a theme and stuff. I only think about the food/drink.

Josh said... thats why yer not coming to my party..cuz you decided to throw one of yer own. hmm..and yer not commenting on my blog anymore either. selfish wench!