Because I Like to Steal Things

Stolen from Stacy & Lynne
TEN random things you might not know about me

1. If I wasn’t married to a fabulous cook, I would probably eat soup for lunch and quesadillas for dinner every single day.

2. Taco Bell makes me poop.

3. I am addicted to Laguna Beach and Making the Band, even though I’m way far out of the target market and feel totally old when I watch it.

4. I’m obsessed with my hair.

5. Lately I’ve become obsessed with brushing my teeth.

6. I don’t like Indian food.

7. I love all other foods.

8. When I was little I wanted to be a professional dancer.

9. I always wanted to be a backup dancer for somebody famous, mostly Madonna.

10. I once failed a drug test.

NINE places I've visited

1. Poland

2. Mexico

3. Canada

4. All of the states along the west coast.

5. All of the states between CA & Nebraska.

6. New York City

7. Atlanta

8. Tampa, Florida

9. Dallas Ft Worth Airport

EIGHT ways to win my heart

1. Come home and say “Did you hear that Nick & Jessica broke up?”

2. Manage to actually surprise me by giving me the coolest bike ever, a week before my birthday.

3. Propose to me while I’m watching Jeopardy.

4. Buy me chocolate.

5. Drop me off at the mall and say, “So I’ll pick you up tomorrow?”

6. Hold my hand while I get blood drawn and then reassure me that I am NOT drooling 5 minutes after I pass out.

7. Call me a pimp after I come home driving a Mercedes.

8. Tell me that you love my hair.

SEVEN things I want to do before I die.

1. Write a book about my experiences leaving Poland as a political refugee.

2. Live in a house on the beach.

3. Be a silent partner in a successful company.

4. Go on an African safari.

5. See the Galapagos.

6. Re-learn to play the piano.

7. Have a baby.

Six things I'm afraid of:

1. Great Danes. One bit my arm when I was 18. It’s the only dog I’m afraid of.

2. Childbirth.

3. Drowning.

4. Passing out while driving.

5. Somebody breaking into my house while I’m in the shower.

6. Bees. I have never been stung by a bee. I have been told that you never really know if you’re allergic to bee stings until you actually get stung. I think that’s a sucky way to find out. I’m all about taking preventative measures whenever possible.

FIVE things I don't like

1. Milk

2. Curry

3. People who give up without even trying.

4. Rye bread.

5. Ally Sheedy.

Three things I do everyday
1. Wash my face

2. Read all of your blogs

3. Walk my dogs.

TWO things that make me happy
1. Sunshine

2. Yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting.

ONE thing on my mind right now
1. I just got my hair done. I love the way it smells.


Orchid Lover said...

Great list and such a good idea! I might have to also steal it one of these days.

lynne said...

I laughed so hard at the Taco Bell and Ally Sheedy parts!! Hilarious!

Ooooo...and I want to steal your African Safari idea. So cool!

katie said...

Oh, I want to go on a safari so bad!

Stacy said...

I also laughed about the ally sheedy and rye bread...Poor Ally if she googles her name

Hey yur birthday is coming up...You know what I did today during Michaels nap don't you?

Josh said...

whats wrong with ally sheedy? not like she has done ANYTHING in 10 years..and was in what..4 movies? breakfast club, short circuit, wargames and st.elmos fire..?

ab said...

It's just that Ally Sheedy bugs the crap out of me. She was OK in Breakfast Club because she didn't talk very much. She just bugs me, that's all.