Oh Mom

My Mom called me last night just as I got home from a long day at work.

Me: Hi Mom. What's going on?
Mom: Oh I was just checking my email and wanted to share some things with you.
Me: OK, like what?
Mom: Well, did you know that Oregon is the only state where assisted suicide is legal?
Me: Yup, I did know that. They are constantly trying to outlaw it, though.
Mom: Did you also know that it is absolutely legal to have sex in public in Oregon?
Me: Mom!
Mom: No, really, you can do it right out in public and you won't get arrested.
Me: Well that's good to know for future reference, I guess.
Mom: Although the only reason it's legal is probably because nobody would ever want to have sex in public. It's always cold and raining there, isn't it?
Me: Uh huh.
Mom: Oh, and one more, this one is great. Did you know that Oregon is the #1 state if you're a chubby-chaser?
Me: (Laughing histerically) You are incredibly random today.
Mom: OK, that's all I got. How was your day? Oh, did I mention that they opened a new Starbucks by our house today?
Me: This explains a lot.


Orchid Lover said...

*on the floor laughing* ohhh mothers... aren't they the greatest? Although my mom wouldn't ever bring up where I could or could not have sex. It would be quite a day if she did though!

BigDubb said...

That is friggin' hysterical. Maybe Erin is from Oregon, that might explain how she ended up with me.

katie said...

Sounds like mom is hopped up on coffee! So funny.

Amanda Frazier said...

okay, I'm feeling dumb, but what's a 'chubby chaser'. Is this something that I should know since I'm a PNW girl?

ab said...

Hi Mandy! A chubby chaser is typically a guy who prefers the company of the heavier variety of lady. But I suppose it could be applied to women who prefer heavier guys as well.

Stacy said...

I am so moving to oregon...the sex,the exceptance of all things chubby,it is paradise:)

Stacy said...

I guess I temporarily forgot how to spell acceptance...what is wrong with me...

oh well,as Ben would say F**K it!

BigDubb said...

I thought chubby chasers were svelt women who likeded the chubby mens.

After some slight research, this apparently is for the gay mens. Like thems who like bears etc.