Monkey Man

Back in July I made my one and only audio post about a guy I saw behind me on the freeway who had a hand puppet monkey & made it dance on his dashboard. You can hear the story and witness my voice here.

Yesterday I received a monthly community newspaper called The Bee in my mailbox. It's a small newspaper that focuses on my neighborhood. I was very surprised to see "Monkey Man" featured inside. Apparently, he is a window painter and just an all-around happy guy. According to the article, he likes to take his breaks from doing store window paintings by getting in his minivan, blasting John Denver, putting on a clown nose and making people smile. He goes by the name "Extremo the Clown". Here are a couple of pictures.

I feel like I have closure now. The mystery of the dancing monkey puppet has been solved.

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Stacy said...

That is the craziest thing I have ever heard...I like a I have a tummy ache sort of way...