Laziness Is Good

The other day I was working from home. I have a home office in my basement where I spend two days of every week. I was working one day, it was a little past 10am. I was thinking about going to the grocery store to start planning that night’s dinner. Just then I heard the dogs upstairs start barking. Imagine the ceiling suddenly shaking from the collective weight of a 110-lb and an 18.5-lb stampede. Then the barking started. That could only mean one thing. There was somebody at the front door. I quickly assessed the situation and decided that it can’t be that important that I need to trek all the way upstairs. All of my neighbors were at work, so I figured it could only be a sales person. Who else would be knocking on my front door at 10am? I went upstairs to fill up my glass of water and noticed that I was correct. A clipboard toting guy in a suit with a pink tie was leaving my front steps. Phew, uncomfortable rejection conversation averted. The next day I saw this article (I live 6 blocks from where this incident occurred):

Man sexually assaults Sellwood woman
The Portland Police Bureau is seeking the public's help in identifying and apprehending a sexual assault suspect who attacked a woman in her home in Sellwood.

The man, who may have been representing himself as a door-to-door salesman, knocked on the door of a Sellwood-area home and physically and sexually assaulted a woman who lived in the house.

The suspect is described as a 21- to 25-year-old dark-complected man. He has a thin build and face, was clean-shaven, and was wearing a dark suit with a pink striped tie.

Before the assault, detectives believe, the man may have been seen walking through the Sellwood area carrying a notebook and may have had contact with other residents.

This investigation is continuing.


Christine said...

Holy shit. I'm so relieved for you. I hope they catch the mother f*cker and fast.

BigDubb said...

Shut the fuck up. THAT is crazy. Didn't you have a car stolen a few months back too? Maybe time to rethink neighborhoods.

That is just fucking creepy as hell.

Stacy said...

Oh my God!!! That just re confirmed my never,never answering the door when not expecting anyone...I am so happy you were downstairs and didin't answer!I am so creeped out right now!Keep your doors locked!!!

katie said...

Holy crap that is freaky! I'm sure you have been playing the "what ifs" in your mind over and over.

Kiddo78 said...

Geeez....scary!! That is really creepy. I hope they catch him. You could have used some of your gym skills on his ass, though!

Orchid Lover said...

Oh my God! Here I connected to your blog (thanks for the comment on mine!) thinking it will be another upbeat, fun and SAFE post. Thank goodness you didn't answer the door. that's really creepy!!