Apparently it’s the Paper Anniversary

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of this here blog o’ mine. I started this blog to document the days leading up to my 30th birthday, hence the name Almost 30. Apparently I didn’t plan very well because that was just a 2-month period. I guess I didn’t think that far in advance.

I posted about stupid things like the Apprentice, which I don’t watch anymore, my friends getting married & my favorite Starbucks drink. Along the way I have “met” some of the coolest bloggers around. I have learned that Minneapolis is the blogging capitol of the world, at least from my perspective, that the craziest people go to my gym and that I have a secret twin in Kansas City.

But most of all, I look forward to reading other people’s blogs and their comments on my blog. So, here’s a re-cap of the people I enjoy (in no particular order because I love you all equally).

Josh: You came along later on in the game and sometimes the things you post scare the shit out of me. But, like a bad car crash on the highway, I can’t help but look. In fact I look forward to being scared/grossed out.

Katie: We’re twins!!! When I read on your “100 things” list that you don’t like milk, that you spent time in Eastern Europe and that people think you look like Christina Ricci, I knew that my parents secretly had an American baby a few years after me and just didn’t tell me. And today I find out that you have bodacious tata’s just like me. You may be 2 inches taller, but I’ll forgive you for that. Please come over and decorate my house.

Christine: You crack my ass up. You have this sarcastic humor that I can totally relate to. You are a New York City girl, of which I am totally envious. You go to hoity-toidy events such as classical music picnics in the park and you have a very smart person’s job, which I envy. Plus you eat lots of exotic foods that I am afraid to try.

BigDubb: You were one of the first to read my blog. And through you I met everybody else. You are the godfather, what can I say. Plus you are a great writer, I enjoy your posts because they vary in style and topic, and they are sometimes very emotional. I like that you’re so open.

Stacy: Oh Stacy. I’ve learned so much from you. You’ve taught me that it’s a wonderful thing to have a baby, you’ve taught me how to eat well without sacrificing flavor, but most of all you’ve taught me that saying the wrong thing to a person at the gym while on the treadmill is really freakin funny. And you comforted me when I was going off on the anonymous asshole on your blog. You’re a mom to us all.

Lynne: Your wit and sarcasm crack me up. You have a great perspective on things and you get up at the butt crack of dawn to go jogging. You are my hero.

Kiddo: Every girl needs a gay boy in her life. And although I have one locally, I like to think that the love is being spread across the country. I love your stories about boys and I look forward to seeing you in the Kennedy outfit for Halloween. I loved me some John Jr.

Dan: Yours was the first blog I ever read. I found you like most people did, Yahoo featured you one day for your high school photos post. Now you’re a blogging celebrity.


katie said...

I totally forgot that we have both been told we look like Christina Ricci. Totally twins.

I am going to start refering to my boobs as bodacious, instead of annoying hunks of fat that just get in the way.

Happy Birthday blog!

Stacy said...

This is the best,sweetest blog tribute ever!!!I love it!Happy anniversary!

I think I may need to get to work on a poem...

speaking of which when is your birthday?Isin't it December?

Plus being the blog mom doesin't have to mean I am the old lady of blog world right?

Kiddo78 said... nice!! Happy Anniversary to your Blog! Lots of that going around now...

lynne said... are so sweet! What a nice aniversary post! You're the best.

Josh said...

hey..what scares you? :(

Stacy said...

alright where are you???