Drunk Eating

Recently I have experienced the phenomenon of drunk eating. Last night we went out to diner & had some drinks. We got home, walked the dogs & I passed out. The conversation this morning went something like this:

Ben: burps
Me: Bless you
Ben: Hmmm…blue cheese
Me: We didn’t have salad last night
Ben: No, but I think I had blue cheese dressing after you passed out last night.
Me: You had a salad after that big dinner last night?
Ben: No, I had blue cheese dressing last night.
Me: By itself?
Ben: I think so, I didn’t remember until I burped just now.
Me: You had blue cheese dressing straight out of the jar?
Ben: I think so, wait, check the dishwasher. Yup, here’s the spoon I used.
Me: That’s so nasty. I am so blogging about this.


lynne said...

Oh God, I just gagged at the thought. That has to be the funniest and sickest ever!

And that he didn't remember till he burped=priceless

Derek said...

Yuck...at least I go for burritos, gyros, or wings for my drunken eating! :)

Christine said...

That's so funny! The burp alert...

katie said...

That is sick and wrong. Blue cheese dressing is nasty unless it's on buffalo chicken strips. I agree with Derek....bring on the burritos!

Kiddo78 said...

That's one vice I do not have - drunken eating. In fact, I generally avoid food at all costs in favor of more booze...

Stacy said...

This is so,so,so a best of 2005 post!You know what is funny and sad about this to me,I have spooned out some blue cheese in my life...and I don't even have the alcohol as an excuse...I love blue cheese