Overheard next door:

Construction boy #1: Dude, I heard you can get like $50,000 if you donate a kidney.
Construction boy #2: Damn, that's a buttload of money.
Construction boy #1: I think I'd settle for $50 for something I don't need as much.
Construction boy #2: Yeah, like my left hand.

It took all of my willpower not to stick my head out the window and yell "Of course, because you won't need that hand to put up the roof, you jackass!!!"


lynne said...

Hmmmm..$50 for a left hand...I think I can afford that;)

I don't even want to think of other body parts they thought of selling.

katie said...

Let's just say they don't hire rocket scientists to work construction. Makes you feel good about the buildings you sit in, huh?!

Josh said...

myabe the one hand can be attached to the other guy so he is like...a...tripod.