I think that my worst gross-out nightmare may have come true this afternoon. As I was going to the trash to throw something away, I noticed a wretched smell coming out of the trash can. Then a couple of flies flew out. Not a good sign. So I immediately took hold of the top of the bag and decided that it must leave my house immediately. The bag was sort of heavy and was a little stuck in the can. So I finally got it out when it happened. A mystery fluid leaked out of the bottom of the trash bag and onto my leg. Did I mention that I had shorts on? Mystery stink fluid was dripping directly onto my bare skin, which until 30 seconds before had smelled of a lovely warm sugar vanilla lotion from Bath & Body Works. I ran the bag out of the house, threw it in the trash outside and proceeded to disinfect myself. I may need to start a 2005 gross out list.

In the imaginary gagging category: the dream about swimming in ground beef.
In the reality gagging category: the mystery wretch fluid from the trash.


Anonymous said...

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katie said...

Trash is really, really gross to me for some reason. I can handle most gross things, but the smell of trash is just sick. I can't imagine it dripping down my leg.