I’m A Mess

Ever have one of those days when you’re completely retarded and no matter what you do all day there is no way to correct it?

The second I woke up this morning it started. I got out of bed, it was completely dark, and I tripped over my own foot, almost landing on my 18-ound dog. He growled at me because I woke him up.

As I’m driving in the car to work, I look in the mirror and notice that I have only put mascara on one eye.

I sent an email to a co-worker this morning. I always have Outlook spell check my emails, but somehow the word cock made its way into the email. Of course she commented on it. No biggie, we’re cool that way. But she takes every opportunity humanly possible to make fun of me. This being the perfect opportunity.

I’m eating my sandwich at lunch. During the first bite I accidentally inhale a piece of bread. I start choking. My eyes start watering. I go to the bathroom and notice that the one eye that has mascara is now running black streaks down my face.

It’s only 12:30…3 ½ hours to go.


Anonymous said...

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michaelsean said...

Those comment spammers drive me nuts.

Anyway. You can never have too many uses of cock in an email.

katie said...

You should have just crawled right back into bed the second the trip happened!

Josh said...

1. add word verification to your blog..no more spam

2. you need a part 2 to this entry..we need to know if you burned down your house, served up some uncooked chicken, broke a toe..etc.

Jalpuna! said...

Come on now... who doesn't like a little cock in their email?

(that was hilarious, by the way!)