Crazy Bastard

Friday was the Kaiser Chiefs show at Berbati's Pan. Think of your average bar that has a decent amount of floor space, say for a dance floor. Now picture 500 people packed onto that floor, standing room only, to see the craziest person alive perform. Ben & I found a good spot on the side of the tiny stage where we could lean up against the bar. That took some of the pressure off our legs since we were standing for a good 3 hours. The opening band was pretty good. They were called Mobius Band. I liked them a lot, they were sort of mellow and had a really good sound.

Then The Kaiser Chiefs hit the stage. These are some crazy brits, let me tell you. The singer proceeded to do chin-ups from the electrical boxes mounted to the ceiling above the stage. They had the most awesome energy. During "I predict a riot" he jumped into the crown where we were standing, which was only abut 15 of us. Ben picked the guy up and proceeded to crowd surf him. Not an easy thing to do with only 500 people, half of them tiny females. But he got all the way around the crowd and back to the stage without falling.

The music was great, tons of energy. That's the only way I can describe it. Energy. If you ever get a chance to see them live I would highly recommend it. It's a lot of fun. I guarantee you will be jumping up & down and dancing throughout the whole show.

And BigDubb, if they come to your town you should definitely see about shooting pictures of the show. The singer is a total ham and posed for anybody with a camera. You'll get some good stuff.

After the show, while walking 3 blocks to our car, Ben says to me, "That's the 2nd time I've crowd surfed the lead singer of a band. The first time was Evan Dando of the Lemodheads. Let's hope this guy doesn't do heroin."

Yes, let's hope.


Josh said...

kaiser chiefs are cool. i didnt know they were in town. i am a member of the 84-7 nation and never get email updates. i want to see interpol!

ab said...

Maybe you don't get the updates because it's the 94-7 nation :)