With my new company car in the picture, Ben & I are left with an extra car. His silver Honda Civic is not being used so we decided to sell it. We mentioned this to our neighbor the other day.

So yesterday Ben gets home and our neighbor says, "Hey, Ben, I think I know somebody who wants to buy your car." "Ben says "Cool..." Before he can get anymore out, he realizes...WHERE THE FUCK IS THE CAR?

Gone. Stolen. Right in front of our house while we were at work. That has to be the most violating feeling in the world. And we live in a neighborhood where people still leave their doors unlocked ocassionally. It's safe, nothing ever happens here.

So we did all the typical stuff yesterday, reported it to the police, called the insurance company, got really pissy & finally got over being pissy by drinking lots of beer. If we don't get it back insurance will pay us for it minus a deductible. If it is found, god knows what kind of shape it will be in. Poor little car. I feel like it's a person, out there suffering. I get way too attached to things.


lynne said...

I am so sorry! That really sucks!
I feel bad for the poor little civic-all alone with some stranger. And I feel bad for you and Ben. Hopefully it will not get Stockhom Syndrome and your car will revolt on the rat bastard and refuse to start or something like that.

katie said...

Did they break a window or something? Holy cow, that sucks a biggie. Who does that?

BigDubb said...

I thought stockholm syndrom was where you sympathize with the abductee. So if the car had this it would start for them, and run better than it did for Ben and Agnes. Which would suck.

I had my sunglasses stolen once. It sucks.

Seriously, I hope you don't find it and just get the insurance money for it.

Kiddo78 said...

Craziness! I bet if they find it, it will be all burned up. Although my friend's car was stolen once and they found it in fine shape at the Minneaplis/St.Paul Int'l Airport...Let us know what happens!

Josh said...

i think civics are like the most stolen car.
sucks :(

what area do you live? just so i know to lock my doors :)

ab said...

There was no broken glass, nothing. The cops said that Civics & Corollas are the most stolen cars because they are the easiest to break into.

Josh, I live in Westmoreland/Sellwood. Nothing ever happens here. The neighborhood is in an uproar because of this.

Orchid Lover said...

awww! Sorry to hear that! Keep us posted on it. People are crazy these days!

Christine said...

That sucks so bad. I hope they find your car in good shape!!!

Stacy said...

How awful!My mom's car was stolen out of our garage like 15 years ago.They ended up finding it without a scratch on it.Hope the same happens for you.