Stupid Biotch

Today I was getting new tires for my company car. Apparently the douchebag that had the car before me liked to peel out of pretty much everywhere he went. It's a rear wheel drive. Thus, the back tires were as bald as my nether regions after a good waxing.

So I am sitting in the little waiting area at the tire place. This woman comes over and sits next to me. She pulls out her cell phone and, apparently unaware that she was indoors, proceeds to call her bank and talk so loud you would think she was at a rock concert in the front row with the speakers duct taped to her ears. Apparently, her name is Jennifer Stouton and she lives at 74523 NE Powell in Portland. Her account number is xxxxxxxxx and her social is xxx-xx-xxxx. She wanted to ask the customer service person at her bank if she was going to be charged a monthly fee because one of her renters wrote her a bad check and she didn't have enough to meet the minimum balance. Oh but with direct deposit she could avoid the monthly fee altogether. Seriously...some people are just total jackasses. There were about a dozen people in that waiting room within earshot of her. Hell, people living in Japan were within earshot of her. Some had pens and paper in front of them. She's just asking to get ripped off.

On another note, I received a check from the county today for my jury duty service a couple of weeks ago. I was not aware of this, but the going rate for 7 hours of my life is $11. Good to know.

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katie said...

I love cell phones, I think they are wonderful for the most part, but it is people like that that really make me hate them. I'm pretty "anti talking on the phone in public" anyway, but shouting out your social security number is beyond me. What an idiot.

Hey, don't spend that hard earned $11 all in one place!