Gluttony & Self Healing


Isn't the human body amazing? It used to be that I could eat just about anything and wouldn't even give it a second thought. For the past 5 years or so I have been eating pretty healthy. With my Mom having a stroke and everybody in my family having some sort of cholesterol issues, I decided to beat it to the punch and take care of myself. So I have avoided fast food. I only eat it like twice a year. Yesterday was a horrible digestive day for me. I had a bad day at work and was driving around looking for something to eat for lunch. I drove by a Burger King and immediately drooled at the thought of a Whopper. It was awesome. Then after I got home at 6pm Ben asked if we could go out for Mexican food. Duh...stupid question. So I had 2 flautas and some rice & beans. The after effects have not been good. If my stomach could talk this morning it would say, "You stupid bitch. You've put all this crap in me and now you will pay!" So today I'm paying for it. I'll just leave it at that.


As you may recall, I went to Vegas for a "business" trip at the beginning of March. When I got back I turned on the TV in our bedroom and it didn't work. The sound worked but there was no picture. I tried all of the obvious fixes. Making sure everything was plugged in correctly, etc. Nothing. Sound only. Very strange. So I just left it. I had every intention of taking it back but never got around to it. So I just didn't turn it on for 2 months. We just watched TV in the living room & then went to bed. No TV to fall asleep to (which is really nice, I'm discovering). So last night Ben was watching basketball. Normally I like playoffs, but I'm in b-ball overload. There's 2 games on every single day. It's just too much. So I went into the bedroom and wished that the TV would work. Something posessed me to turn it on. And guess what? It worked. Sound, picture & all. Maybe it just needed a rest?


Kiddo78 said...

Mmmm...Whopper. I'm starving and that sounds so good right now. Thank god for me, Burger King doesn't deliver...I'd weigh 800 pounds.

BigDubb said...

The TV thing is crazy. We are a one TV house, the family room only.

Hope your tummy feels better.

katie said...

That is some willpower to only eat fast food a couple times a year. You deserved that Whopper. The TV heard the desperation in your voice. "Please don't make me watch another basketball game"