The other day I was downloading some music and stumbled upon Fiona Apple's stuff from the late 90s when she first came into the music scene. I loved her music when she first came out with her album. I thought it was so different and so authentic. As I downloaded "Criminal" and "Never is a promise" I thought of the good old days living in the dorms at San Jose State, spending hours listening to "tidal" as I worked on various advertising campaign assignments. My favorite line in one of her songs was always "...but never is a promise, and you can't afford to lie."

Then I wondered why she suddenly disappeared. Oh yeah. Now I remember. She was at the peak of her popularity, and she presented or accepted an award at some awards show. I think it was for best new artist or something like that. And instead of being grateful for being recognized as a talented upcoming artist, she suddenly had massive diarrhea of the mouth and started spouting off some garbage about how music sucks and how the world is shit. I remember she used lots of big words. We didn't hear much from Fiona after that incident. I saw her once on a special called "The Anorexia Chronicles" where they showed her "Criminal" video and talked about how her spine showed through her shirt.

I always thought she was such a good song writer, and I really liked her deep voice. Then she had to show off and be all full of herself and ruin everything. I wonder what she's up to now. I wonder if she learned her lesson.


Kiddo78 said...

Hmmm...I was never a big fan of the "angry girl" music. I just remember the guy in the Criminal video was hot -- and that Fiona and I are the same age. She was 18/19 when Criminal was popular and so was I - a freshman. She got a lot of sh1t for saying that stuff b/c everyone was like, "ummm...yeah, you're 18. Shut up." And I agreed.

katie said...

I had no idea that is why she dropped off the face of the earth. I wasn't a huge fan either. She kinda scared me.

BigDubb said...

Yah, she was crazy. But hot in a karen carpenter kind of way.