Moldy Mold

The weekend was pretty nice. Friday's BBQ was awesome. The whole day was sunny and warm, right around 72. Then, just as I got home to clean up before everybody came over, the sky turned black. The wind started blowing and the rain came. Then all I saw was lightning. All while it was still 72 degrees. It kind of reminded me of Mexico. Oh how I miss weekend trips to Rosarito Beach. But I digress. About an hour later it all cleared up and we had a beautiful sunset. We had some BBQ chicken, salad & garlic bread. My friends brought blueberry pie & coffee ice cream. Really good combo. Then we played Trivial Pirsuit 90s edition. SO MUCH FUN. If you're a pop culture/TV freak like me, you will love this game. Ben & I played again yesterday & I totally kicked his ass. He's better at the traditional Trivial Pursuit with all the history and government questions. Yawn.

So on Saturday I was running the usual errands, which included a trip to PetSmart for dog food and treats for my children. I got home and was immediately attacked by both Sophie and Willie because they knew that I had just picked up the goods and they really wanted a piece of the action. I gave Sophie her peanut butter treat with glucosamine (she has old lady hip problems) and Willie his little tiny dog treats. Suddenly I smelled something strong. For a second I thought that I had spilled nail polish remover somewhere. It was that acidy smell. I look over and notice that the brand new bag of treats that I gave Sophie was completely covered in mold on the inside. All the cookies were half green. Of course I didn't notice this when I gave her one. So I'm freaking out. It's a brand new, unopened bag. What the hell? So I called the vet. He's so funny. He says to me, "Well, I'll tell ya. You're a lucky lady this morning. If it was the little guy who ate the mold I would have you bring him in right away to induce vomiting. But since it was that pony-sized dog of yours I'd say she'll be just fine. She may vomit once or twice, but it's nothing to worry about." Turns out she was just fine. She never even got sick. I'm so glad she weighs 110 pounds.

The plan of action for today is to go to PetSmart and chew somebody's ass.


Christine said...

That is really gross. Agh. If it was moldy enough to smell that must be really moldy.

Sounds like a great weekend otherwise!

BigDubb said...

YOu need to post a follow up on this one fo sho'

Kiddo78 said...

That is annoying and gross! Surprising too. I have a feeling some PetSmart employee will not consider this to be a very good day at work -- after you're through with them!

katie said...

Whoa! That is gross. I got treats one time from the treat bar at Petco and I swear they were just cookies from the local grocery store. Smelled like cookies, looked like cookies, so I took a bite of one to prove it. Sugary and good. Like a generic Oreo. Needless to say, I haven't been back to the treat bar!