Just a quick note since this week has been insanely crazy. The weather is supposed to be in the mid-70s today. Oh yeah baby! I think we'll spark up the barbecue tonight. I miss being able to barbecue my dinner year-round.

I've been kickboxing like a mad woman lately. Yesterday I tried drinking Propel Fitness Water instead of regular water during the workout. I usualy manage to down about a liter of water during that 1 hour span of time. So yesterday I substituted that with Propel. I actually had more energy and was able to manage some of the harder kicks. It was probably the sugar, but it really did make a difference. That's 3 hours of aerobics this week already. Holy crap.

I went to the Blazers vs Lakers game on Wednesday. My company bought season tickets again for next season. This time the seats are even better. On the floor level. We got some preview seats for free with next year's package. Let me tell you, when one of those dudes slam dunks the ball you can feel the "thump" in your chest. It's like a freight train came running through. It was awesome being that close.

Other than that I'm still getting ready for my trip to Atlanta in 2 weeks. 3 days of running a booth at a trade show. I can't wait until it's all over.

Thanks for listening to my randomness. Have a fabulous weekend everybody!!!


BigDubb said...

It is sad to see the BB season come to an end for my beloved TWolves. for the first time in 9 years they are not going to the playoffs.

Your seats sound awesome. Erin and I HAVE to make it to a game next year with good seats. Once you get good seats it is so hard to sit in the crappy seats again.

Have a good weekend.

Christine said...

You are a kickboxing fiend! Wow. I'm in awe of your activity level. Nice to find something you really like to do, isn't it?

Hope the barbeque tastes good! I've got a little Hibachi in the corner of my bedroom reminding me of the days when we used to be able to grill on the roof of my old building. Sigh.

Josh said...

I have moved to a city with only one professional sports team. And it happens to be a team I loathe, who was an arch-rival of my beloved Lakers. F the Jail Blazers. The most overpaid, immature bunch of idiots.
The Rose Garden is a depressing place. Only one championship banner! And that was from nearly 30 years ago. GO LAKERS!

Oh..and uh..nice blog entry as usual ;)

ab said...

Just a point of clarification. I go to these games to cheer the Lakers. I lived in LA for 20 years and have been a fan since I was 6. The Blazers have some issues. OK, many issues. They need to stop letting good players go for stupid reasons. They're way too worried about their "wholesome" image.