Michael & Scott

I've been thinking a lot about the high profile court cases that have been taking place lately.

Scott Peterson: I actually didn't want him to get the death penalty. Not that I think he's innocent, hell no. But he'll live longer by being on death row in his own cell separated from the other prisoners. If he had received a life sentence he would have been put into the general jail with other prisoners. Those guys would have killed him for being a baby killer. The one justification is that death row at San Quentin overlooks the bay where Lacy & Conner's bodies washed up. Karma's a bitch, Scott.

Michael Jackson: I just don't get him. I don't really know if he's guilty or not. Can a guy be guilty just because he's totally weird? There's word floating around that the kid who is accusing him of molesting him is being totally scripted by his parents. So who knows what's going on there. But I did have kind of a funny picture in my head similar to the OJ thing. What if Michael decided that he couldn't take it anymore & he decided to make a run for it. Can you imagine the highway chase? Michael in the back seat with the driver on the cell phone talking to the police, "This is Tito, you know who I am dammit!"


Orchid Lover said...

I didn't want Scott to get the death penalty either. Why not "throw him to the dogs" AKA other prisoners and let him fend for himself. That just upsets me, especially when I hear it's more expensive to kill someone than let them rot in prison.

Michael- You know, I really dont think he's guilty. The more I hear about this case, the more I want the mother to be put away. She's money hungry... didn't I read somewhere that she accused some other celebrity of something to get money? I think this is all fake since Jacko is such an easy target, having the other accusations in the past.... just my thoughts!

katie said...

Oh, don't get me started on Scott Peterson. I wish he would have to spend every day in prison protecting his butthole from all the men that would want to stick something in it. You are right, they hate baby killers in there. He is good looking, so he would be the perfect candidate to be someone's bitch in prison. I just cannot imagine being Lacy's mother. How awful.

The Michael Jackson case is so bizzare. I agree with Gina. I think the mom is coo coo and her son has been coached to say exactly the right thing.. Not that Michael isn't a little coo coo as well, but it's just that. He is weird, but is not a child molester.

BigDubb said...

I wonder if there is a way to link Jon Benet Ramsey to Michael and Scott.

Now that would be cool.