Good Morning, Charlie!

I had the COOLEST dream last night. It goes something like this:

I'm walking my dogs at the park by my house. I hear a gunshot behind me. As I turn around I am suddenly in LA and I have Charlie's Angels standing with me. We're all wearing those little short shorts, big platform shoes and tight shirts with our boobs busting out. There was Kelly, and Sabrina and Chris (Cheryl Ladd). Must have been an episode from the later seasons since Farrah wasn't there. I have no idea who I was but I was definitely one of them and I was looking good!

So we're all running down the street, pointing our guns down as we run. Suddenly a big red 80s convertible screeches around the corner. It's Bosley, he's come to pick us up. "Get in girls" he says "They're headed towards Santa Monica". So we all jump in the huge red convertible. None of us open a door, mind you, we hop in all cool-like.

Then we're at the pier in Santa Monica and we see the bad guys. They're trying to smuggle drugs onto a boat in the water. As they are making their drop into the boat, we all jump over the pier onto the boat. I am the last one to go. As I'm jumping I have that freefalling sensation & I wake up.

I turn around & my husband is looking at me, wide awake. He said,"All I heard you say was 'Hi Bosley'. Which angel were you?"


BigDubb said...

I can see you with the big curls and too tight pants.

katie said...

How strange because I was going to post about a dream I had last night about you! I was in Portland on business, so I decided to come visit you. From the outside your house was just a normal one story home, but when you walked thru the front door it was this huge hotel with a tall atrium space. You and your husband ran this huge fancy hotel, but you also lived in one of the wings. That was pretty much it. You weren't a Charlie's Angel or anything!

ab said...

That's funny because we have always wanted to open our own hotel or B&B. He's a really good cook & I used to bartend. Plus I could do the marketing & business side of things. Maybe it's a sign of good things to come.