I was at the gym last night...I tend to write about this a lot. I went to a kickboxing class that kicked my ass. It was awesome.

Wait, I just remembered something that I wasn't intending to write about but I have to because it's VERY important. They gym is awesome for people watching. While people watching I noticed a guy who was wearing a wife beater, bike shorts, black socks and white tennis shoes. Do you know how many things are wrong with this picture? OK, back to the original reason for this post.

I was leaving class and walking to my car. Since my gym is in the middle of downtown, I was parallel parked (which I rule at by the way). So I opened the passenger side door (which was on the curb side) and put my stuff in the car. Then I was walking around the back of the car to open the driver side door (which was on the street side). Just then I stepped off the curb with my left foot and into a hole in the ground that I did not see. I twisted my ankle, lost my balance & fell into the middle of the street. Fabulous. All I saw were headlights coming towards me. I'm like that deer!

So I crawled back towards the sidewalk & sat there in pain. I got my cell phone and called my husband "Honey, I want you to know that I sprained my ankle & almost got run over. But I'm OK now, and I can drive home because it's my left ankle. I think I'll be able to hop into the car." This must have sounded pretty odd to him on the other end because all he could say is "You're such a crack head."


katie said...

I have a big fear about this sort of thing. I'm always afraid that when I try to beat the light and run across the street that I will trip and fall and get run over. Im very clutsy and lucky that something like that hasn't already happened! Glad to hear you are ok.

BigDubb said...

That was nice of him. If it had been my wife she would have asked that I pick up dinner on the way home.