She's a Man, Baby!

On one night when I was in San Diego I hit the club with my friends. As we stood on a balcony, enjoying the 67 degree January evening and sipping on various mixed drinks, we watched all the crazy, sweaty people gettin down on da flo. Then my friend starts a conversation that goes something like this:

Him: Holy shit, that dude has no clue.
Me: Who?
Him: See that guy in the black shirt, next to the column?
Me: Yeah
Him: See the girl he's dancing with?
Me: Yeah, she's looking like a hooker.
Him: That's a dude. And the guy dancing with him has no idea he's dancing with a dude.
Me: No way, how do you know all this?
Him: Cause I work with him. Trust me, he would not be rubbin' up on a man like that.
Me: No shit!
Him: Holy crap, he just grabbed her boob.
Me: Dude, they're leaving. You think he's taking him/her home?
Him: I CAN'T WAIT to go to work on Monday.


BigDubb said...

Images of the Crying Game are racing through my mind.

Well that and Ace Ventura.

? said...

hehe....very funny

that once happend to my
when he told me the story i never laughed so hard. He even kissed this guy, it was a pretty nasty story but now that i think about it, he deserved it, he's such an ass