Chocolate Heaven

I have been meaning to try the new Chantico "drinking chocolate" at Starbucks. I see billboards for it all over the place that say cute things like "No amount of chocolate training could prepare you" and "If you don't like chocolate then you are dead inside". OK, I made the last one up. But yesterday I broke my Chantico cherry. If you are a chocolate fan I recommend you get your little paws in this puppy. Imagine the best bar of chocolate you have ever had. Imagine how it tastes as it slowly melts in your mouth (assuming you savor it and don't just chew it up and swallow). Now imagine that best piece of melting chocolate warm. That's how this stuff tastes. From the first sip to the last, I was in another world. I seriously had my eyes closed every time I took a sip of the stuff. My husband was with me and said that he was a little turned on by the look on my face every time I took a sip. It's THAT GOOD, people!

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BigDubb said...

I think B and I think the same way. As i was reading I was thinking, that is so H-O-T-T.

You coulda mixed in some stuff about whip cream, corner of your mouth, licking it up with your tongue.

Uh, I should stop now.......