Baby Boom

Very strange, suddenly everybody I know is pregnant. Example: I have 2 girlfriends in San Diego who live a mile apart & don't know eachother. They both called me 2 months ago, literally within hours of one another, to let me know they had a little one on the way. Both are due in late June. I'm so happy for them both. They will be awesome moms.

Today I got emails, within hours of eachother again. Both telling me that they found out that they are having a girl. Again, they don't know eachother. Hmmm...maybe I should introduce them?

If you don't feel like getting pregnant & you're in San Diego, I suggest not drinking any of the tap water. Stick to bottled.

This is just a tiny example of the baby news I have been exposed to this month. And it's only the 10th.

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BigDubb said...

First you gotta spend money on all of your friends getting married, then you gots to spend money on thier kids. Then when you ask them to go out they'll say they can't they need a sitter. Kiss thems friends g'bye.