I Heart Target!

This weekend I made the usual Saturday trip to Target. I always "need" something. As I perused the aisles I found myself at a dead stop in the garden/outdoor entertaining section. I felt a sudden inspiration to clean up the back deck and get it ready for outdoor get-togethers. So I got these lime green seat cushions for our rocking chairs and deck benches. They're super convenient, too! Each one has a handle and velcro, so moving them is easy.

And these cute lanterns for the grapevine behind the table:

And some other not as fun things like a sprayer to wash everything down with, and citronella candles, which will hopefully keep the mosquitoes from eating B this summer. It's all coming together nicely with the furniture I got last year.

I look forward to many get-togethers in the yard this summer (I already have 4 planned). But mostly, I look forward to relaxing here.

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(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

What a great backyard! SSG LOVES Target too! So much so that she refrains from going in there. Or if she goes in there she doesn't get a cart and instead just carries things. Or if she gets a cart she promises herself she'll stop at just $100. Or if she goes over $100 she promises herself she'll stop buying coffee out for the next month. But only after she finishes the iced coffee she's drinking while spending her paycheck at Target.