This past weekend I went camping for 4 days. I have decided that I am too old/spoiled to sleep in a tent. I found myself envying the people in their campers who were not getting rained on in the middle of the night because they had to go to the bathroom. I also found myself peeking into camper windows in an attempt to catch a glimpse of their TV. But, there were some great parts to it as well.

The Good

1. Camping breakfast - Nothing tastes/smells better.
2. Warm sleeping bag.
3. Properly functioning air mattress.
4. Round the fire drunken conversations with friends.
5. Camping dinner.
6. Campsites with nearby hot showers.
7. Campsites with decent bathrooms.
8. Walking to the beach everyday.
9. Watching your dog run freely on the beach.
10. Taking pictures of your dog passed out after a day of running on the beach.
11. 3 hour nap after returning home.

The Bad

1. Rain
2. Realizing that it's pouring outside while in a warm sleeping bag having to pee so bad it hurts.
3. Going out in the pouring rain to go to the bathroom.
4. Getting lost on the way back from the bathroom in the pouring rain.
5. Clothes that never really dry out.
6. Sand everywhere.
7. Dog almost getting eaten by a rottweiler.
8. Setting up a tent in the rain/dark.

All in all I had a great time. But I may have to start looking into getting a small camper.

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Predo said...

If the camper is a rockin', the dogs are probably playin'! Ha!

I am so glad you had a good time! Looks like the little pooper there had a good time as well. Kind of warn out! Too cute, for sure!