Time for Change

We have a lovely 1922 home that was almost completely re-done right before we moved in. A while ago we completed a paving project in our yard, which I am so happy with. And I believe that Willie approves too, as seen in this pic. We even bought some kick-ass patio furniture, which has been lovely on warm evenings. Now, I've been thinking about making some changes to the house. My dream list consists of:

Granite counters in the kitchen and bathroom
Adding on a porch
Adding a driveway
Cosmetic changes to the fireplace
New ceiling fan in the office
Refinishing the old fir floors
New appliances

When I first compiled this list I got overwhelmed and decided that it would just be easier to sell the house and buy one with all these things. But then B said the following, "But we're so safe here. This is the best neighborhood, we have awesome neighbors and who knows what kind of problems a different house will have. At least here we know what we're in for."

He could not be more right. So the decision was made to stay put, possibly refinance, and get other people to do the work. I'm liking this idea. I may not be able to get all of the things from my list, but a few would be awesome, especially the front porch.

So we're going to the local eatery tonight, whipping out a notebook and making a wish list of improvements. From there we will whittle it down to things that are realistic/affordable. And once all the workers show up, SSG and Predo are invited for lemon drops and kicking it on the deck to watch the workers in action.

Get ready for some changes, little house! Hopefully these guys will be a little more excited!


Predo said...

Ah,those are simple changes! Not to worry! You are not doing anything like tearing off the roof or jumping into a big wind in order to visit the wizard over in OZ!!!

Having said that, you don't have to wait for a porch to pull out lemon drops! In the same case, maybe we need to gather for those tasty drinky-poos to help plan over here!!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Oh yay! I'd love to come over for lemon drops, but I'm with Predo--let's meet up for some drinkie poos! Maybe once I get back from San Francisco?