Say Hello to my Little Friend

It's interesting how much your dreams reflect what you experience in real life. Last night at around 8 Scarface came on the Indie channel. We've seen it thousands of times, but decided to watch. Amazingly enough I did not fall asleep even once during the movie. My typical routine for movies that go past 10pm includes falling asleep several times during the movie, then pretending that I stayed up the entire time. So last night the movie wrapped up at around 11, we went to bed immediately after. When I woke up this morning I recalled dreaming of completely normal scenarios where I had full conversations with complete strangers where I speak like Tony Montana. For example, I had a dream about being at the amazing Garden State food cart in my neighborhood (yes, I dream of my favorite food spots) where the following conversation took place:

Food Cart Proprietor: What can I get ya?
Me: Yeah meng, git me one of them meatball subs.
FCP: Have you had the meatball sub before?
Me: It's good chit, meng.

A few days ago, we watched an exciting episode of 24 right before going to bed. All of my dreams that night had background music.

Am I the only one who incorporates TV shows into dreams? I gotta say, it makes them very entertaining.


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

I WISH I could do that! I'd be watching ... whatever movie has super hot guys in it (SSG is obviously off her A game today).

(P.S. Your comment today cracked me up, I love you and your hubby's relationship!)

Predo said...

I don't usually get enough sleep to dream intently, but when I do, it's just like you. I am usually one of the characters that was on the tube when I went to bed. Its all fine and dandy until I watch Under a Tuscan Sun or Calendar Girls. Not quite so "bad-ass" in those dreams!