My Dog is Weird

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This is Willie, he is one of two canine companions that occupy my home. He is 10 years old, but you'd never know it. We're not really sure what his breeds are. Maybe ewok? He certainly is the most interesting dog I have ever come into contact with. Observe:

1. He HATES squirrels. Most dogs hate squirrels, Willie goes totally crazy at the sight of any squirrel. When I let him out in the yard and there is a squirrel in sight he books it and does this chewbaka growling thing that is hilarious. Then he sits under the tree where the squirrel disappeared and waits.

2. He freaks out when Ben gets the hiccups, but not when I do. At the first sign of a hiccup, Willie's head immediately drops and his tail hides between his legs. Then he does his best to sneak downstairs to the basement as quietly as possible, he almost tip-toes down the stairs as if to not be noticed. He then proceeds to sit down there and shiver until somebody comes to get him.

3. He freaks out when we use the toaster oven, with similar behavior to the hiccups. But this one I can't figure out (not like I can figure out why only Ben's hiccups are horrifying). The toaster oven makes only one noise, similar to that of an egg timer, like a ticking sound. After the toasted food is toasted we have to go to the basement and rescue him.

4. He thinks we have a doorbell. The only time we have ever had a doorbell was from 1998 to 1999. At the time Willie was barely 1 year old. 10 years later, if a doorbell rings on TV he barks at the front door.

5. He knows when we take cheese out of the fridge. Once we initially open a block of cheese we put it in a plastic baggie, we use the same plastic baggies for sandwiches and all sorts of stuff. When I reach in the fridge for a sandwich in a baggie he is nowhere to be found. When it's a baggie of cheese he somehow knows exactly what it is and comes running into the kitchen.


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Awww, but he's so cute! Fisher is the same way about the doorbell on TV and her cookie jar. It makes NO sound but she somehow hears me grabbing a cookie to give her from what seems to be a 3 mile radius (or really just the back deck, but STILL)

The Incredible Woody said...

He is so cute!! Dixie can hear me open the bread bag no matter where she is!

Predo said...

He is adorable! i want to squeeze him!