Happy Thing

So for a while now my parents have been talking about moving up to my neck of the woods from their neck of the woods, which is about a thousand miles away (1,004 to be exact). Last weekend they finally did it, temporarily living in an apartment. It's kind of weird to have them come over for dinner and then leave. I still feel like I have to entertain them, I'm not used to the going home part. Typically they would be visiting for the weekend, but now they live 20 miles away.

Well, the happy thing for today is that they just found out that the offer on their dream townhouse was accepted. You should have seen my mom when she saw this place 3 weeks ago. She was like a little kid, "I want it, it's so beautiful!" My dad, the practical one, was thinking about the money. Well, the market being what it is, worked in their favor tremendously. We went to look at the place one more time over this past weekend and found out that the price was reduced tremendously. It's one of the last townhomes in a new neighborhood, so the builder wanted to get out of town. So their offer was accepted this afternoon and my mom could not be happier. I too am happy that they will be in a place they love and are comfortable in. I am also happy that my dogs will have a yard to pee in when staying with their grandparents!


Predo said...

It is so cute!!!! I see why she wanted it so badly!

Oh, congratulations on them moving so close! Now your puppies don't have to grow up without their Grandparents!!!!

I am so happy for you!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Yay! That's SO awesome! And it's even MORE awesome that you WANT your parents close by ; )