Dogs in Snow

Even though I have lived in Portland for a little over 3 years now, I am a southern California girl at heart. This is why I feel the need to take pictures of the snow. It's still such a novelty.


minijonb said...

One of my memories of Portland is people not knowing how to drive in the ice and snow!

All the hills on the west side ddin't make driving around town any easier when the slushy stuff fell.

Go make a few snow angels and enjoy it. Cheers.

Spiritbear said...

This is the first real snowstorm I have seen since moving to Oregon in 2003.

I agree, the people here dont drive well on it at all.

I am from Minnesota so I am used to snow and ice. However in Minnesota they would have salted the roads and all the ice would be gone. Here they subscribe to the "it will melt" philosophy.

The cold makes me feel at home