Tag – I’m It

I was tagged by Kiddo. I guess there are people out there still reading my blog!

The rules are, once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 6 weird things/habits about yourself. In the end you need to list 6 other people to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment saying "You've been tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Here we go:

1. I have alarm clock OCD. Before I go to bed, I repeatedly check the time that my alarm is set to. After that, I turn on the music to make sure that the volume is up loud enough to wake me up. I do this at least 3 times before going to sleep.
2. I have a morning ritual. When I get up, I go to the living room and say hi to my dog. Then I look out the window to make sure our cars are still there. We had our car stolen last year, apparently it has been bothering me. Then I make coffee and get in the shower. I do this every weekday. Weekends are different and can vary.
3. I am afraid of soon-to-be-expired dairy products. If the expiration date on the milk is tomorrow, I won’t touch it. That’s just too close for comfort.
4. I love to organize things. Last Super Bowl Sunday I was doing laundry and decided to thin out my closet. So I literally took everything out, made a Goodwill pile, and re-organized everything, including my shoes and purses. One of the selling points of my house is the built-in closet organizational system. It is, indeed, an entire system.
5. I would kick ass if Name That Tune ever made a comeback. I can usually name a song just from hearing the first couple of notes.
6. If there was ever a game show dedicated to Little House on the Prairie trivia, I would be the female equivalent of Ken Jennings. I can usually tell you which episode it is just by watching the opening credits and seeing who the guest stars/characters are.

OK, that was not so easy. Time to tag 6 new victims:

Hot Babe


Kiddo78 said...

Ha - I love the Nelly Olson pic. Or was it Oleson? Anyway - she's my kinda gal. Oh, and milk is good for a few days after the date. That's the "buy on or before" date. Really - it's fine!! My friend Mike does that too, though, and just won't listen to reason.

Kiddo78 said...

Oh, and yes - the MN bloggers have become really stuck up about commenting...

Orchid Lover said...

I can definately relate to the alarm clock OCD. I check mine multiple times before I can lay down. Sometimes I'm in bed and have to once again get up to make sure the little bell symbol is really there.

lynne said...

Hey, thanks for tagging me!!

I love this post-we were seperated at birth I swear!!
The alarm clock OCD, the pickyness about expiration dates, the uberorganization, and oh course I LOVE Little House on the Prairie!!
I didn't get cable as a kid and that was the only show that I'd be able to watch-it came on at 4 pm-right after I'd get off the school bus. Ahhhhh...I still watch it. Now it's on the hallmark channell

Stacy said...

I still read!...I have been in a terrible blog rut though...I am coming back though I miss you guys!

hot babe said...

I had total alarm clock OCD last night because I had a 7am meeting that I could not be late for. I was so fearful of over sleeping that I must have checked my alarm 9 times once I got into bed. And then I was restless all night long because I was still afraid I'd over-sleep. Now I'm exhausted because my neurotic ways left me with an unrestful night. I need therapy.

Josh said...

i just commented and it took me to some error. weird.

Josh said...

ok..well..i said that my wife loves the show and watches it religiously too..and i said some other crap..but its lost :(