My Dog Is High Maintenance

Willie got his stitches taken out today. While there, we received the test results for the stone they took out of his bladder. It was 100% calcium, which is a genetic predisposition. This means that we have to limit what he takes into his body in order to slow down the process of calcium build-up. This means that he can never have treats again, unless they are the prescription type, (which are way too expensive, therefore he will never have treats again). He will also be on prescription dog food for the rest of his life. But this is the best part. He is not allowed to drink tap water. Tap water tends to be calcified. So, we have to give him either filtered water from a Brita or bottled water. My dog drinks Evian.

This is not a picture of my dog, but simply a photo I googled in order to illustrate my point. I in no way, shape or form condone the dressing up of any animal for one's own amusement. As you were.


Josh said...

i agree with dressing up the dog..though i have to admit..for halloween i might buy my little maximus a superman costume..depending on if i think he will chew it up :)

im glad the stone was only calcium..but geez..your dog is now a french snob..only evian. cripes.
is his name mr. snooty pants or something? :)

Kiddo78 said...

Well, I'm just gonna call you Elle Woods from now on!! You've been tagged, by the way!