The Power of Advertising

Since I work in advertising, I may be just a tad bit biased. But, I am a firm believer that there are certain ads that permanently permeate your brain, sometimes without you even knowing it, and affect the decisions that you make. Take, for example, the dream I had last night.

It’s mid-day, gloomy and raining. (Apparently the Pacific NW weather has also permeated my brain.) I have convinced myself that I might be pregnant. I don’t know why, I just think that I am. I go to the drug store and purchase a pregnancy test. After I pee on the stick I look at the part that shows the test results. It’s a series of weird lines of all different colors. I look on the box to see what I should be looking for as far as test results go. According to the box, a blue line means not pregnant, and a pink line means pregnant. My line was brown. At least one of the series of lines was brown. The other lines were every color except for pink or blue. They weren’t even in the pink or blue family. I throw the box down and think to myself, “I should have bought that Clear Blue Easy test.” That’s the one that actually says “pregnant” and “not pregnant” on the stick.


BigDubb said...

Hmmm this is a dream right?

I wonder if someone (you) is trying to tell someone (you) something.


Christine said...

You guys are trying to get pregnant, aren't you? I had to laugh at your brown and non-pink non-blue lines. I didn't think that happened in real life. Don't some of them have a money-back guarantee for non-pinkness or blueness?

ab said...

OK we are so not trying to get pregnant. Did I jynx myself by posting this? We are getting away from the real purpose of this post. Advertising, people. :)

Orchid Lover said...

I had a dream like that once. Except I went straight to the Clear Blue thingamajig and it showed up as "n pregnant". What the hell is that? Kind of pregnant? Magic 8 Ball "try again later"? I hate dreams like that.

Also, did BigDubb take his blog offline? I can't get to it today

hot babe said...

This is so funny because a friend just took 4, yes four, at home pregnancy tests to be sure she was pregos. And the funniest thing is that the Clear Blue Easy clearly said pregnant. She said it was the only test that was easy to read. And I decided at that moment that CBE would be the only test I'd buy.

Was that closer to the topic os fhte post? :)

hot babe said...

...of this post... what's with my typing?

Josh said... you..or not? :)

ps - my wife said you were cool..figures youd meet her before me :P

Stacy said...

Oh my God AB !!! Are you pregnant?????? Are you are you are you!
How did I not see this post!!!!!!!!!!
oh,yes, advertising point taken but really...are you???