Are You Aware That You’re Completely Closed-Minded?

I was enjoying my weekly dose of People Magazine on Saturday, fully expecting a nice hour of mindless updates on Britney’s baby and the latest news on Branjelina. I usually enjoy reading the letters to the editor portion, as some people really like to rag on the celebrities. There was one letter in this week’s issue, though, that really pissed me off. It was referring to a tiny, 3 sentence story that published the week before on Elton John exchanging vows in England with his partner David Furnish.

“It’s sad to see the world allowing same-sex marriages. If allowed, why not polygamist and intra-family marriages as well? I’m glad that in the United States marriage still holds ground as a true meaning of the word and is not eroded in away.

~ Kiley Garcilasco – Bitter Creek, WY

First of all, how ironic that this person is from a place called Bitter Creek. Bitter much lady?

This person obviously has been writing love letters to George Bush, praising him for “upholding the sanctity of marriage” and “not compromising marriage”.

I’m sorry, I don’t recall my heterosexual marriage being affected in any way because Elton John married a man. Am I the only one who thinks that marriage is between people, no matter what their sex is? If you’re in love, why should it matter?


BigDubb said...

Me thinks you hit the nail on the head dearie.

People who think the definition of marriage to them is what others do have something totally fucked up in thier head.

Seriously. Who fucking cares, as long as they are in love and aren't killing kids and cops who gives a shit.


ab said...


Orchid Lover said...

I completely agree with you. I can't STAND people who are so closed minded that they waste their time worrying and complaining about same sex marriage. Like Dubb said, as long as they're happy, why bring them down with trash talk? I hate people like that!