Jamba Juice – The Miracle Juice

Yesterday was a really stressful day for me. My friend is prepping for surgery. I also found out that this very same friend has decided to withdraw her down payment for a brand new house mere minutes from my parent’s house for a house in Texas. It was going to be such an easy Christmas visiting everybody. I haven’t even met her daughter yet. Now she will be in Texas and that much harder to visit. I also have family in town this week and have everybody working on fixing up our rental house. There’s also some drama with my brother, but that’s not something I want to waste time on. Just a bunch of 30-somethings acting like 7th graders. Add work to that and my stress levels are off the charts.

As a result my stomach has been kicking my ass. I couldn’t eat dinner last night. Funny side note…when Ben asked me if I was going to eat, I said no, I’m skipping dinner. He then proceeded to call me Mary Kate Olsen.

I woke up this morning & just felt like crap. My stomach was burning & my head hurt. So I’m at work right now sucking down a Jamba Juice and eating a pretzel. Suddenly all the pain is gone, and the headache is quickly disappearing. All I needed was some liquid with some protein and some bread. I really need to remember to listen to my stomach a little more. All of this could have been avoided hours ago.


katie said...

Just don't give yourself an ulcer. Deep breaths (or a little Jamba), everything will be fine.

We don't have Jamba Juice here, but I have always wanted to try it. I have to opt for Juice Stop instead.

I hope your day is going better!

Christine said...

We got Jamba Juice in NY like a year ago. Before that Isaac was raving about it, having gone to school in LA. We once saw a cup in a garbage can on the street, and he had us going into every health food store in a one mile radius. I guess it's addictive!

I hate that feeling of not wanting to eat because you haven't eaten...ick.

David said...

MIRACLE JUICE® is a registered trademark of
Peace Mountain Natural Beverages Corp.
P.O. Box 1445
Springfield MAssachusetts 01101-1445 USA