The Family That Cracks Out Together…

Just now I got a call from Ben. You see, his entire family has been in town for the last week, helping to remodel our investment house and get it ready for renters. Last weekend we did some planning, buying and painting. Well, I had to go back to work on Tuesday, but they all took time off. Today I’m sipping on my liquid lunch courtesy of Jamba Juice when my cell phone rings. Apparently the following has been accomplished so far:

1. The master bedroom has been painted from Easter Bunny green to something neutral.
2. The 2nd bedroom has been painted from a horrible mix of dark blue & yellow to something neutral.
3. The family room has been painted from split pea green to something neutral.
4. The siding on the house has been scraped.
5. Various shingles on the siding have been replaced.
6. The siding has been primed.
7. Touch-ups have been made to the paint in the living room.
8. The god-awful deck/fence thingie in the front yard has been removed.
9. The wood and concrete posts from said god-awful deck/fence thingie in the front yard have been voluntarily taken by the old man next door. FOR FREE.
10. Everybody had breakfast.

I have visions of all of them snorting lines and doing mass Starbuck’s espresso shots. How else can all of this get accomplished THAT quickly?

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katie said...

Uggg, I can feel the pain of home renovation half way across the U.S. But how nice of Ben's family!